The Terminologies of Bingo

Like every other games the bingo has its own sets of terms to mean certain things. Here in this article we will be discussing some common terms that is frequently used in a bingo game. before taking part in a bingo game one must get familiarized with these terms to do well in this game.

The first term is one player. By one player the bingo gamers mean that very player who is just one number away of winning the board.

Bingo board displays the random sets of numbers. Usually the board is very big so that every player can clearly see the movement on the board.

With minimum buy in the gamers the minimum numbers of cards that you have to have to make you eligible for the game. This buy in amount varies with the games. You have to spend a minimum amount of money to enter into the game. Unless you spend that much money you will not be counted for the prizes that are up for grab.

The caller is probably the most significant person on any bingo board. He or she does not play the game but calls out the numbers.

Cover all is a special type of bingo game where all the cards have to be covered in order to win the board. This is a very rare type of game and people don’t play this type of game commonly.

A dauber is just a pen with thick foam tip that is usually used for marking the number on a bingo card. The pin of this pen is so thick that on spot is enough to mark the whole number easily.

There are a number of colorful sheets for each type of bingo game. These sheets are commonly called bingo booklet. These booklets are to be organized in the order at which the game will be played.

Six-pack and nine-pack signifies the number of numbers on each card during a running game.

To declare the end of the game people uses the term wrap up. The bingo is played for quite a few times in a day and to make the end of each session they uses this term. Each bingo game has its specific name and a particular game is played at a specific time of the day.

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